09 November 2010

The Project Has Ended

I just noticed (has anyone else?) that I haven't posted here since May. That's a long time. What's going on? Well, a couple of things. One simple explanation is that I've been taking paid work as a writer, and that tends to reduce the energy I have for this kind of creative outlet. But probably more significant: I think the project is finished. I'm sure I could keep writing: that is to say that there is no shortage of source material. But I think it's time to direct my energy to other things.

When I began the (Low) Tech Writer experiment, I was in crisis in my work life and asking deep questions about how the world worked. Many of these essays were written to explore this territory, even if I always stopped short of making the connection between these subjects and the details of my life.

Partly through the writing of these essays, I have come to the Far End Of The Crisis and now can write/talk/live with much more clarity. Other projects beckon.

I loved being the (low) tech writer. Maybe I'll return to it one day ... after the robot revolution, when we'll really need good social commentary.

Thanks for reading!