07 January 2009

General's Semi-Hex 498 2 2/4 ... Reasons Why #1

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  1. You're quoted! http://www.pencilrevolution.com/2010/10/low-tech-writer-on-the-pencil/

    (I hope you don't mind us using your photo.)

  2. Hi. I'm a fan of General's pencils and happened to see your excellent post on pencil revolution. You mentioned you are in seminary, so you might get a kick to know about my sighting of a General's pencil in the museum at the Abbey of Gethsemane, in Trappist, Kentucky. Last summer, we stopped there on a family trip, last summer, and I snapped this photo: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/BLb2a888lJr8iVVSgnsH8g?feat=directlink. Looks like the monks have good taste in writing implements!

  3. I too am a lover of general’s semi hex 2 2/4 pencil. I teach culinary arts, am extremely computer literate but there’s nothing like writing in pencil, especially in the culinary world. As long as there’s a point you can write. It writes over greased smudged paper when creating food orders for purveyors. It doesn’t clog or fail to retract the way some pens do you and after you write something down you don’t have to hit save! It has a great smell of cedar. For me it’s also nostalgic and brings me back to my youth, way before electric pencil sharpeners! Yeah, I’m a low tech guy in a high tech world and love it. My friends thought I was nuts when I told them I spent close to $300 on research looking for the right pencil! Not only is general’s semi hex 2 2/4 my favorite it’s also made in the USA!

    Pencils Rule!
    Chef Paul