10 March 2010

Light From Fire

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  1. Very nice article. Personally, I'm not convinced that CFLs last longer. See: http://lowtechtimes.com/2009/08/15/the-truth-about-cfls-part-2/

    1. My experience is that CFL last longer than incandescent do in the same location, but the CFL aren't lasting their advertised life. But I just recently started putting the install date on the CFL to be accurate Anyway it's a moot point because incandescent lamp will be available for some time yet, hopefully as long as it takes LED general purpose lighting to improve.

  2. Respectfully there was not and there is no ban on incandescent lamps in the US. The imposition of efficient standards would have created an effective ban short term. 100 W lamps that meet the efficiency standards are now available. Yes we will pay more fore them, and may not recoup the cost in reduced energy usage. But over the history of the incandescent lamp what is there that we don't pay more for? When the use of more efficient lamps reach numbers the reduce the need for additional power plants we may realize a savings, in the mean time less mercury will enter the environment. The disposal of CFL needn't be a problem. Given the lack of concern over the disposal of conventional fluorescent lamps the concern over disposing CFL has the appearance of a manufactured concern, to reinforce an ideology.