18 December 2010

When a blog is no longer a blog

These pages are no longer being populated, and the project can no longer properly be called a 'blog. But there are dozens of essays here, and you can read an introduction and browse the essays at the index page on lowtechwriter.com

Blogs are easy to read when you want to get the latest news or opinion, but they are not really set up as reference engines for content. Sure, you can search for data, but can you easily browse a blog in some way other than in archived monthly chunks, from newest to oldest?

This blog has finished as a project, and the project turned out to be more 'collection of essays' than 'daily diary'. So, how to make my essays accessible? The tools on this blog don't really cut it. Blogger calls what they provide, "push button publishing": it would be nice to have a push-button solution for reformatting the 'blog, which needs now to function like a normal website.

I've done all this myself on the index page at lowtechwriter.com. But it would be nice to just push a button on Blogger and have it be automated. That seems to me to be exactly what technology is for.

Read all the essays again at (low) tech writer dot com